Enterprise Information Systems Services

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Complete life cycle, top-to-bottom skill sets from graphic design to database design and management to middleware security, business logic, and encryption.
We create military and banking grade software designs using our advanced OO/MDA Java J2E Microkernel (DB2DOM). Our software designs encapsulate a staunch privacy ethic. Our applications are small, efficient and fast. They are scalable and built to extend as your business needs change and grow.
  • Information Systems Integration
  • Database Design
  • Cloud Computing and Dev/Ops
  • H/R Consulting - we are very technical and can vet your candidates
  • Information System Security and Network Audits
  • Product Development - what are the steps to bringing a product to market?
  • Scalability validation - we put your apps through their paces before the deluge to reduce risk
  • Encryption - we are experts in digital enveloping
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